Crockett's Sauce Company and BBQ Sauce history runs deep in the Ozark Mountains. Head chef Jim Sinden re-establish his love and passion to produce his family of food products where they belong,  in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas and Southeast Missouri.  

As a descendent of the Crockett family, Jim has been producing award winning sauce products for over 25 years.  As an "Official Card Carrying Family Member" of the Crockett family and from a traditional BBQ family, he decided to take it a step further.

In 2003, he created two Pepper Sauces which immediately received attention and interest from franchise owners, restaurants and BBQ entrepenuers throughout the mid-atlantic.  After being offered 10's of thousands of dollars for the initial recipe's, he decided to manufacture products under the "Laboe's, Inc." label based out of Fredericksburg, VA.  

Laboe's provided Habanero and Jalapeno pepper sauces along with five BBQ sauces in the region with a sizable following.  Since the Laboe's era, new products were established, marketing approaches changed and the formulation of "Battlefield Gourmet" was established and marketed in 2009 to enhance Laboe's baseline and customer base.

With this re-focus, we added new and exciting products to our ever-expanding line. One of those products was the creation of our "Virginia Lightning Moonshine BBQ Sauce". Which became our signature product.

The creation of this product started a firestorm of followers in the Virginia tourism industry, especially within the Williamsburg, Fredericksburg area's as well as surrounding states.  

This creation and offering resulted in the partnership with Chuck and Jeanette Miller of Belmont Farms Distillery located in Culpepper, Virginia.

Since then, Jim and Chuck decided to dissolve the partnership moving on to bigger and better things.

Chuck was working on the hit TV show "Moonshiners" at the time and Jim was working with CBS as a "Guest Chef" on Richmond Virginia's CBS-6 "Virginia this Morning" live morning show.  The promotion was priceless for brand and product awareness, however short lived. Chuck is still on "Moonshiners" to this day.  

In 2016, new manufacturers were identified in Missouri, North Carolina and Kentucky and the newly formed Crockett's Sauce Company has taken the helm of ALL operations.  All previously developed products are the sole property of Crockett's Sauce Company. However, numerous products have been customized and sold to various BBQ companies, restaurants and entrepenuers throughout the world.

Crockett's Sauce Company remains to focus on perfection and will not put our name on ANYTHING without each and every product being superb in every way.    

I would like to say this video started it all, but it didn't.  However interesting and priceless as our first Nationally aired promotion. 

Check out this 2011  FOX News report that went Nationwide and started the explosion of over 280 retail stores located in 7 states.​​  

Crockett's Sauce Company will soon be a self-sustaining company where all manufacturing, marketing and distribution will be internal with no outside expenses.  Resulting in lower prices and customized ordering processes.
Crockett's Sauce Company has hit the market in the Northeastern Arkansas and Southeastern Missouri region with select products to establish a "NEW" test market. 

Our intent is to offer products to internally manufacture 5-10 BBQ sauces, 3-5 Hot sauces, various Dry Rubs as well as a minimum of 5 Beef Jerky products in the region.   

Crockett's Sauce Co. (Jim) has created over 75 products. Obviously all products cannot be manufactured logically, but as mentioned above, a select few will be chosen to accompany our "American Moonshine" BBQ Sauce.  Those selected are listed on our "SHOP" tab at the top of each page. 

I'd like to personally thank you for your continued support and wonderful feedback to our product line.  Please feel contact me if you have any questions, concerns or just to say hello.

Remember, ALL of our products maintain a "Satisfaction Guarantee!"

Semper Fi,

Jim M. Sinden